Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Reunion

This year's Chinese New Year (CNY) is not as merry as previous years. I don't know why. What we used to do during CNY then is house visiting. We used to walk from one house to another when we were young. We tried to collect as many angpows (our main purpose) as we could. Imagine walking in the blistering hot sun! But it was real fun. Alas, now everyone has a driving  license. So, the mission of getting to our destination is easily accomplished.. I didn't join them last year because I was on vacation.Well, the happiest thing is I get to meet most of my friends this time. I haven't seen some of them for years. How I get to know their latest news is from Facebook. I'm glad that everyone still looks the same. Hope to see more friends on our next gathering.

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