Friday, 13 June 2014

Taylor Swift The Red Tour Live in KL 110614

This will be my FIRST post for the year of 2014. Patrick, a friend of mine always asks me when I am going to update my blog. If I am not mistaken, my last update was on December 2013. Now, there is something for me to blog.

Went to Taylor Swift The Red Tour concert with Kit Ee on Wednesday. He invited me to the concert as he won free tix (The Red Zone which cost about RM728 each) from Hotlink. How lucky is he. Thanks to Kit Ee for giving me this opportunity to look at Taylor Swift in person. I need to clarify that I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. Swities might be jealous of me. Hehehe.

This was the first time Taylor came to Msia. The whole concert took about 1 1/2 hours. It ended too fast but it was an amazing performance. Her current hairstyle really suits her. I like the white gown she wore when she sang 'Love Story' the most. She really looks extremely beautiful in that gown. It would be great if lyrics were shown on the screen. Had to hum instead.

Well, I have to stop here. Time for assignments. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Ride To Be Remembered

Okay, I am going to blog about RPA 7's very first class trip now. Last Friday, we went to Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam for cycling. There're 20 out of 23 who joined. Actually we were supposed to depart at 6.30 am but left 1 hour later. We got lost at first before we reached our destination. 

We're lucky enough that there're not many people on that day even though we reached there quite late. All of us rented our own bike. The first hour is RM 5; EXTRA RM 1 for each additional hour.

Cycling in Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya is not a rocket science. There're many stiff slopes and it's really difficult for us to pedal uphill. On the other hand, it's really fun and windy when cycling down the hill.

We got the opportunity to visit the Four Season House without paying a single sen on that day. (Normally it costs RM 5 per entrance) Do you know why admittance is free? Cos the venue was not fully set up yet. We're really excited to visit the Four Season House at first because it's WINTER. We'd have the chance to experience winter! Imagine winter in Msia! We went in just to cool ourselves from the super duper hot weather.

It was a tiring day for us. Please imagine cycling for 4 hours. The best part was 3 of our classmates (Willson, Shi Ying and Anson) who did not know how to cycle at first succeeded in doing so at last. A few patient friends gave them a great helping hand. It was tiring cycling everywhere to our heart's content yet we had fun. 

I am really happy to have this bunch of friends as my new classmates. We get to bond with each other from the first week itself. It's as though we have known each other for years. I'm looking forward to have more outings with RPA 7.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Diploma Convocation

I should update this earlier. My Diploma Convocation was held on 23 November which was approximately 3 weeks ago. 16 out of about 1000 of us from the Accounting course were awarded the Book Prize winners.It is an honour to be awarded the Book Prize Winner. I need to clarify that I am not smart but I am lucky enough to get this award. I feel the pressure at the same time. Everyone has a high expectation of you and you do not want to let them down. I do not want to disappoint them again.

I do not know why I like this photo the most. We took this before our actual convocation at Taman Layang-layang, Kepong. Too bad that this is not the complete class photo (without our two beloved former classmates, Au Yong and Tsu Teng). It will be great if they are here too.

Oh yea, that was a great experience for me being interviewed with the other Book Prize Winners. There's where you have the chance to talk to the VIPs face-to-face. It was totally awesome. That was the reason why I missed a lot; taking photos with my former classmates on that day. 

Well, this is the end of my diploma. There will more obstacles waiting for me in the future. I promise myself I will be tough even though I am not. Be strong TJ! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Penang Trip - DAY 3

Sorry for the late update. This will be the last post about my Penang Trip. The weather was slightly better. We went all the way to Penang Genting Kopitiam to hunt for its unique chee cheong fun a.k.a rice noodle roll. Well, we were unlucky coz the stall was closed on that day. Pity Wan Ni, this was her second time here and still unable to taste the unique chee cheong fan. The Penangites say this is the best chee cheong fan in Penang.

We ordered pasembur, char koay teow, curry mee and wan tan mee. I highly recommend their curry mee and wan tan mee. 

Add: Kedai Kopi Genting Cafe,  Lorong Delima 3, Island Glades, Penang. (Near SMK Hamid Khan)
Business hours: 7 am till 7 pm.

After that, we started to stroll around George Town to search for the unique wall paintings before returning to KL. We (Teik Hong's Mum, Chia Hui, Wan Ni and I) totally enjoyed taking photos with the wall paintings as background.
Street art by Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic


After that, we went to Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol (5 minutes' walk from Komtar). The place is known as the best cendol in town but it tastes normal like others to me; nothing special.

ABC on your left; Rojak on your right

Many famous artistes came here before. The shop is full of photos of celebrities. I spotted this little girl among the photos and tried to imitate her. Do we look alike? hehe 

Add: Off Penang Road, Lebuh Keng Kwee, Penang.
Business Hours: 12 noon till 7 pm

We were really lucky to see Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng while we were waiting for our flight (Penang International Airport). Bye bye Penang.
Penang Bridge

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Penang Trip - DAY 2

Our plan to Escape Park unacheivable due to the weather. It rained heavily, non-stop for the whole day. We couldn't do anything with this kind of weather. So, we came out with Plan B, a makan-makan trip. We had our breakfast at Chew Chuen Dim Sum, the biggest chain dim sum outlet at Butterworth. What really surprised me was it rained heavily but still there're a lot of customers. What I heard from Teik Hong, a Penangite - it's always crowded especially during the weekends. There're many varieties of dim sum to choose from. We spent about RM 24.00 for 4 persons. That was totally cheap and reasonable. I highly recommend this place for those dim sum lovers. 

We had our lunch at Ang Hoay Lor Restaurant, Penang. This place is highly recommended for their special Hokkien dishes. We ordered all their famous dishes which cost us approximately RM70. There is a MUST try dish which is their signature dish, Bak Kee Soup. It is a simple soup with pork slices that have been coated with tapioca flour and some veges.

Address: 260, Jalan Gurdwara (Brick Klin Road), 10300 Penang. 
Tel: 04 - 2624841
Business Hours: 12 noon till 3pm & 6pm till 9pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Fried Oyster Noodle
Fried Tang Hoon
Sweet and sour sliced fish
Their signature dish, Bak Kee Soup
Tau Kua Stir

After lunch, we decided to take a break for our tummies. We visited Penang Hill.

After the visit, we continued with our makan-makan trip. We went to Padang Brown  a.k.a Padang Dato Keramat Hawker Centre which is one of the older hawker centres in George Town, Penang. The seafood popiah in Padang Brown is one of best popiahs in Penang as the popiah includes real crab meat as part of the ingredients.

Seafood Popiah at Padang Brown

Besides, this hawker centre is also famous for lok-lok, pasembur, yong tau fu and char koay teow. Their lok-lok looks quite similar to satay celup in Melaka. Compared to satay celup which is dipping raw foods into hot peanut sauce, this is dipping into hot boiled water. You can choose a variety of sauces once the food is cooked. Lok lok is the best choice for us to keep us warm as the weather was too cold
Lok lok at Padang Brown

It was late evening and to avoid the traffic jam, we went to Queensbay Mall for shopping. Guess what? We were still caught in the traffic jam! It took us almost  2 hours to reach Butterworth! We had our late dinner (seafood) at 323 Seafood Restaurant, Butterworth, Penang.